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Super Wash

17,99 €

Soak it – Squeeze it – Dry it – Feel it!

The SUPER WASH glove cleaner regenerates goalkeeper gloves already after a 10-minute hand wash. Goalkeeper gloves are completely refreshed and activated for your next top game. The TURBO technology of the glove cleaner removes effectively aggressive dirt and sweat. Active ingredients penetrate deep into the latex foam pores and prevent them from sticking together. A highly concentrated active formula of SUPER WASH dissolves impurities, binds residues and removes odors. This keeps the natural moisture in latex foams and you immediately have noticeably more grip. All other functional materials in gloves remain top elastic.

As glove cleaner concentrate it is extremely economical. One bottle of 200 ml SUPER WASH is sufficient for approximately 50 glove baths with moderate soiling of your gloves. The premium glove cleaner has a discreet and pleasant smell.

The ingredients: 15 – 30 % anionic surfactants, less than 5 % fragrances. Preservation: Potassium Sorbate. Biodegradable according to OECD screening test – Made in Germany

The aluminum bottle: This alu bottle for SUPER WASH glove cleaner was especially developed to protect our revolutionary active ingredients. Since aluminum is a light and very soft material, small dents are unavoidable and no reason for complaints. These even increase the coolness factor of the bottle.

Our tip: Combine two powerful GLOVEBOOST products for optimal results and use HYPER GRIP enhancer on the sports field for maximum glove boost.

Glove cleaner super-wash by glove-boost is revolutionary
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Click video - see how to use

1. Put on both gloves

2. Soak them

– preferably in the washbasin with lukewarm water


– 5 – 7 times on both palms and fingers

4. Foam with SUPER WASH

5. Hand wash for 10 minutes

– rub gently and take the gloves off

6. Rinse under running water

– until the foam has washed out any dirt, squeeze gently

7. Wrap the gloves in a towel

– gently squeeze out the left over water

8. Airdry only

– no direct sun, no dryer, no heater!

Note: Please read the instructions on the bottle before using it for the first time.

Glove cleaner super-wash by glove-boost is revolutionary


FAQ to Super Wash

• For how many washes does a bottle of GLOVEBOOST SUPER WASH last?

If your goalkeeper gloves are moderately soiled, a 200 ml bottle of GLOVEBOOST SUPER WASH is enough for at least 50 washes.

• Can I wash the goalkeeper gloves in the hand washing program of the washing machine?

It is not to be recommended, because the small spin cycle strains the latex coverings more than hand washing.

• How long does it take to wash goalkeeper gloves in the wash hand basin?

The TURBO-technology of SUPER WASH ensures a fast penetration down to the deepest pores. Just soak for 10 minutes if you have gently massaged in the SUPER WASH liquid detergent concentrate.

• How should I dry my goalkeeper gloves?

The easiest way is to wrap your goalkeeper gloves in a towel after the bath and squeeze out the excess water. Then place it airily on a new dry towel on the laundry rack.

• Can I dry my goalkeeper gloves in the tumble dryer?

No, never!

Please never put in the tumble dryer! The high-quality latex takes long-term damage and becomes brittle and porous.

• Can I use the SUPER WASH glove cleaner for all latex foams without them becoming porous?


This is because the special active washing formula of GLOVEBOOST SUPER WASH ensures that any type of latex foams is reactivated and nourished.

• What happens if I don't wash my goalkeeper gloves?

It reduces your grip performance as dirt and sweat clog the palms.

• Is GLOVEBOOST SUPER WASH an allergenic glove cleaner?

Usually not. We use laboratory tested active ingredients that are mild to the skin.

• My goalkeeper gloves are made of different materials and not just latex. Is SUPER WASH suitable for them?

Yes, this premium goalkeeper glove cleaner is created for all modern goalkeeper glove materials and latex foams.

• Do I have to wash my gloves after each use?

We recommend it so that you can expect the best performance from your goalkeeper gloves.

• What happens when washing water splashes into the eyes?

Please rinse your eyes immediately with plenty of clear water to avoid eye irritation. If you’re unsure, see a doctor immediately.

• How should I store my dry goalkeeper gloves until the next use?

Most important is an airy and dark storage to protect the high-quality latex. The palms of the hands should not lie on top of each other to avoid sticking together.

• How many years does an open bottle of GLOVEBOOST SUPER WASH last?

If stored properly, an already opened glove cleaner bottle will last at least 2 years.

• Is the goalkeeper glove cleaner SUPER WASH environmentally friendly?

Yes, all ingredients are environmentally friendly and biodegradable according to the OECD screening test.

• My GLOVEBOOST SUPER WASH aluminum bottle has little dents?

The aluminum bottle is specially manufactured for the highly effective active ingredients to protect them. Aluminum is a very soft material and small dents are unavoidable. This is a characteristic of aluminum and provides a certain coolness.

• Where is the goalkeeper glove cleaner SUPER WASH manufactured?

The GLOVEBOOST SUPER WASH glove cleaner concentrate is completely developed and manufactured in Germany.

• Is there GLOVEBOOST SUPER WASH to refill?

It is already being planned.


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