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Revolutionary SUPER WASH Glove Cleaner


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Goalkeeper glove cleaner SUPER WASH – premium washing concentrate.

  • Carefully designed for hand washing goalkeeper gloves
  • Goalkeeper glove cleaner SUPER WASH cleans pore-deep
  • Revolutionary TURBO technology removes dirt quickly and totally
  • Deep nourishing to latex foams and functional materials
  • As concentrate extremely economical
  • Use: glove washing after every goalkeeper game

The glove cleaner regenerates gloves already after a 10-minute hand wash. Goalie gloves are completely refreshed and activated for your next top game. The TURBO technology of the goalkeeper glove cleaner SUPER WASH removes effectively aggressive dirt and sweat. Active ingredients penetrate deep into the latex foam pores and prevent them from sticking together. A highly concentrated active formula of GLOVEBOOST SUPER WASH cleaner dissolves impurities, binds residues and removes odors. This keeps the natural moisture in latex foams and you immediately have noticeably more grip. All other functional materials in gloves remain top elastic.

Soak it - Squeeze it - Dry it - Feel it!

As a concentrate, GLOVEBOOST SUPER WASH is extremely economical. One bottle of 200 ml SUPER WASH is sufficient for approximately 50 glove baths with moderate soiling of goalkeeper gloves. The goalkeeper glove cleaner smells discreet and pleasant.


15 – 30 % anionic surfactants, less than 5 % fragrances. Preservation: Potassium Sorbate. Biodegradable according to OECD screening test

Content: 200 ml Premium Liquid Concentrate – Made in Germany

Aluminum Bottle

Our aluminum bottle for SUPER WASH was especially developed to protect our revolutionary active ingredients. Since aluminum is a light and very soft material, small dents are unavoidable and no reason for complaints. These even increase the coolness factor of the bottle.

Additional Information

Screw Cap: Due to the high viscosity of GLOVEBOOST SUPER WASH, the aluminum bottle is sealed with a screw cap for shipping. The highly active ingredients = washing power thus remain protected and safe in the bottle. The sprayer is enclosed separately.