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Genial Grip Boost Gel For Soccer / Football Gloves


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Top Grip Boost Football Gel For Sticky Grip

A grip boost with many features:

  • Improve your grip on the ball for a more successful game.
  • Stay in control of the ball in any weather.
  • Give yourself the edge over your competition.
  • Feel like a champion with a powerful grip.

Do you ever feel like your gloves just aren’t sticky enough? Well, have no fear, because GLOVEBOOST® has the solution for you! This grip boost gel will make a sticky grip on your gloves. Giving you the grip you need to perform at your best. Whether you’re a coach or a player? Don’t go another game without this grip boost! Join now and be amazed at the results. You won’t regret it!

New Grip Boost Football Gel On The Market

This new grip boost gives your football gloves back their gluey grip. It will not leave any residue. Thanks to Instant Tech Boosters.


Top Grip Boost Gel For Goalkeepers, Not For Football Players

Looking to take your game to the next level? GLOVEBOOST® HYPER GRIP Boost is just what you need. This novel grip boost instantly improves the grip of your gloves.

Giving you the edge you need to make those crucial catches. Simply spread it on your moistened gloves palms! And you’re ready to play. With GLOVEBOOST®, you’ll be able to catch them all and keep a clean sheet.

So don’t wait, get your hands on this must-have product today.


How Does Grip Boost Works?

Keep a grip on your game with GLOVEBOOST Grip Boost HYPER GRIP!

  • Put a small amount of grip boost onto wet gloves
  • Rub them together to spread the grip boost around
  • Get sticky grip back right away
  • Gloves are quick drying. Keep your palms moisturized! To make those game-saving catches.

Clean your gloves with SUPER WASH product after your game. The cleaning with SUPER WASH restores gloves without residue.

Eco-friendly polyvinyl alcohol in aqueous dispersion. Non toxic.

HYPER GRIP & SUPER WASH Specialty Athletic Performance Products

GLOVEBOOST® Grip Boost is designed to improve sports performance of football gloves. To increase the grip performance of palms.

There are a lot of grip boost brands in the golf market. – Or Baseball, American Football etc. But not in soccer. Our iterative product development took two years. Between a glove manufacturer, goalkeepers and chemical engineers. The technology commercialization took place in Germany.

So it comes to the modern creation of HYPER GRIP. Equipped with next-gen boosters. For a grip boost on the catching surfaces of gloves.

Train your goalkeepers to win with GLOVEBOOST® Grip Boost HYPER GRIP!

Tube: 140 g Premium Grip Boost – Made in Germany