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HYPER GRIP Boost And Save 3x

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Revolutionary HYPER GRIP Enhancer boosts all modern goalkeeper glove palms!

  • Carefully developed for goalkeeper gloves grip boost
  • Gives extra grip boost to goalkeeper gloves
  • Mega booster on moistened goalkeeper glove palms
  • Quickly absorbed through revolutionary INSTANT technology
  • Easy to use due to practical flap closure
  • Multi usage in each weathers
  • Use: Prepare to boost glove grip before and during goalkeeper games

Gives extra grip boost to all modern goalkeeper glove palms. The soft gel acts as extraordinary grip booster on moistened goalkeeper glove palms. The revolutionary INSTANT technology makes it quickly absorbed. Instantly experience how it improves the grip of goalkeeper glove catching palms. Catch'em all with the extraordinary HYPER GRIP Enhancer and keep a clean sheet.

Drop it - Spread it - Catch`em All!

Note: Moisten your goalkeeper glove palms before applying HYPER GRIP Enhancer – Because moistened palms have much more grip. A wet towel or water bottle near the goal do a perfect job. Follow also the instructions from your goalkeeper glove brand.


Eco-friendly polyvinyl alcohol in aqueous dispersion

Content: 3 x 140 g Premium Grip Enhancer Gel – Made in Germany


Read the instructions on the tube before using HYPER GRIP for the first time. Turn off the black flip-cap and remove the silver seal-foil. Then turn on the flip-cap again. Now the tube is ready to use.

Additional Information

Attention: Protect from frost and heat.