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hyper Grip boost

19,99 €

Drop it – Spread it – Catch`em All!

GLOVEBOOST HYPER GRIP Boost gives the palms of goalkeeper gloves new catching dimensions. The soft gel acts as mega booster on moistened goalkeeper glove palms. Thanks to the INSTANT technology, it is absorbed very quickly. You will immediately see how it improves the grip of your catching palms. HYPER GRIP boost is suitable for all modern goalkeeper glove palms. It can be used in all weather conditions. Due to the practical flap closure, it is easy to dose during goalkeeping. You can use it multiple times if necessary.

Note: Moisten your goalkeeper glove palms before applying HYPER GRIP Boost – and keep the palms moistened – because moistened palms have much more grip! A wet towel or water bottle near the goal do a perfect job. Follow also the instructions from your goalkeeper glove brand.

ATTENTION: Protect from frost and heat.

The composition: An eco-friendly polyvinyl alcohol in aqueous dispersion – Made in Germany

Our tip: After each goal play hand wash your goalkeeper gloves with SUPER WASH glove cleaner. It removes all residues and dirt perfectly.

focus on
Drop glove-boost-hyper-grip on moistened palms

1. Drop Hyper Grip Boost

– drop a hazelnut-sized portion onto moistened palms

2. Rub the palms together

– to spread the gel evenly

3. Receive an extraordinary grip boost

– and keep your palms moisturized!

4. Clean after goalkeeper game

– use SUPER WASH glove cleaner for maximized results

Note: Read the instructions on the tube before using it for the first time. Turn off the black flip-cap and remove the silver seal-foil. Then turn on the flip-cap again. Now the tube is ready to use.

Glove-boost-hyper-grip-enhancer with flip cap


FAQ to Hyper Grip Boost

• How many applications does one tube of HYPER GRIP Boost last?

Even small portions are enough for a mega boost of grip. Therefore it is very economical and effective.

• Can I use GLOVEBOOST HYPER GRIP on all latex palms?

Yes, every latex palm benefits from HYPER GRIP by immediately increasing grip performance.

• How long does it take for the grip boost to retract?

GLOVEBOOST HYPER GRIP’s INSTANT-technology causes it to instantly penetrate and strengthen the palms of your goalkeeper gloves.

• When using coloured and dark latex palms there is a bright gel film, why?

The HYPER GRIP Enhancer has a milky appearance. Depending on the latex composition, it takes a few seconds longer until the gel is completely retracted.

• Does GLOVEBOOST HYPER GRIP Boost clog the latex pores?

No, the INSTANT-technology of HYPER GRIP Boost immediately reinforces the latex surface and protects it additionally.

• When should I use HYPER GRIP Boost?

It makes sense before goalkeeping so that you can concentrate fully on your game. Apply it on moisten glove palms as often as you like. Recommended before and during the game.

• Which amount should I use for best grip performance?

The revolutionary GLOVEBOOST HYPER GRIP Enhancer is highly effective. One hazel nut-sized amount is enough for each goalkeeper glove palm.

• Can GLOVEBOOST HYPER GRIP Boost be washed out?

Yes, the HYPER GRIP Boost can be completely washed out with GLOVEBOOST SUPER WASH glove cleaner.

• Can I also lubricate the outsides of my goalkeeper gloves with the booster gel?

Yes, if it is latex, no problem.

• What if I get HYPER GRIP Boost on my skin?

The GLOVEBOOST HYPER GRIP boost gel is not harmful if it comes into contact with the skin.

• When I open the HYPER GRIP Boost snap closure, I see a silver foil closing the tube exit. How can I remove this?

It’s easy. Unscrew the cap completely before first use and remove the sealing foil. Then screw it back on. Now the tube is ready for use.

• How long does an open tube HYPER GRIP last?

With normal use approx. 1 year. Please protect from heat and frost!

• Does the GLOVEBOOST grip boost gel work in any weather?

Yes, the revolutionary agents this grip enhancer are not affected.

• What if I get a gelled goalkeeper glove finger in my eye?

Rinse immediately with water to prevent eye irritation. Consult a doctor if necessary.

• Is GLOVEBOOST HYPER GRIP manufactured in Germany?

Yes, it was developed, manufactured and tested in a German laboratory.

• Can I wash out the HYPER GRIP Boost with another suitable detergent for goalkeeper gloves?

Yes, you can. For best results, use GLOVEBOOST – SUPER WASH glove cleaner.


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