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Glove-boost goalkeeper glove care products - made in germany



GLOVEBOOST® is an innovative brand for goalkeeper glove care since 2016. Mission: “Creating the ultimate glove care”

Behind the GLOVEBOOST project are two experienced partners who have been working for the sports industry for many decades. Their main business is the design, development and production of premium goalkeeper gloves for many of the global players in the sports market. Indispensable requirements for premium goalkeeper gloves are the best materials, the best workmanship and, of course, a lot of experience and knowledge about all stages of creation.

In addition to technology and fit, the material used in goalkeeper gloves is crucial. Particularly high-quality German latex qualities provide excellent catching properties. Such latex foams should be treated and cared for accordingly, at least before and after each use on the pitch.


Therefore and exactly, here the idea was born: GLOVEBOOST a “Revolutionary Glove Care for all types of goalkeeper gloves – use: before – during – and after the game.”

Special high-tech formula products were developed for this purpose. There are two particularly high-quality goalkeeper glove care products at the start:

  1. SUPER WASH – A powerful yet mild wash concentrate to remove dirt from catching surfaces and holistically refresh goalkeeper gloves – Use: after goalkeeper game
  2. HYPER GRIP – A boosting gel with a special formula for an extra grip boost for latex foams – Use: before and during goalkeeper game

Both goalkeeper glove care products are perfectly matched to protect, rebuild and regenerate latex foams and any goalkeeper glove materials under all conditions.

The results are revolutionary glove care products from GLOVEBOOST® & HAPPY KEEPERS.

Gove-boost quality is key

Quality is Key

Feel confident that you’re using premium quality products. GLOVEBOOST® products are made with next-generation formulas that are biodegradable and therefore kind to the environment.

“Keep your gloves in top condition.”

“Extend the life of your gloves.”

“Play with confidence, knowing your gloves are taken care of.”

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