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Modern Goalkeeper Glove Care

Glove-boost goalkeeper glove care products - made in germany
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Don’t let dirt and grime ruin your game. Try GLOVEBOOST® today. And get the perfect combo of Super Wash and HYPER GRIP. To keep your gloves clean and performing at their best!

Just try on your gloves and feel the difference.

Acts as mega booster on moistened glove palms

Grip Enhancer

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Buy 3 x glove-boost-hyper-grip and save

Grip Enhancer

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Because clean goalkeeper gloves catch better

Glove Wash

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Buy 3 x glove-boost-super-wash and save

Glove Wash

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Super-wash for glove-boost

Simply Clean Training Gloves

As a goalkeeper, you know that it is important to have clean gloves before every game. But sometimes, it can be tough to get your gloves clean without damaging the latex.

That’s where GLOVEBOOST® SUPER WASH comes in. This unique formula is specifically designed for gloves, and it will remove all dirt particles, residues, and odors from the latex surface of your gloves.

Plus, it is a concentrate for gently palm foam, so it will not damage your gloves. So if you are looking for an easy and effective way to clean your goalkeeper gloves, look no further than GLOVEBOOST® SUPER WASH.


  • Cleans your gk gloves without damaging the latex
  • Removes dirt particles, residues, and sweat from the latex surface
  • Keeps your gloves clean and fresh for every game
  • Gives you the confidence to make those crucial saves
Hyper-grip for goalkeeper glove palm boost

You’re Going To Love This

As a goalkeeper, one of the most important things is having a good catch on the ball. With GLOVEBOOST® HYPER GRIP, you can be sure that you have the best grip possible. This gel instantly absorbs into your gloves, giving you an instant boost in grip and control. Whether you’re dealing with wet or dry conditions, this gel will help you keep stick of the ball. So if you’re looking for an edge on the field, don’t go another game without GLOVEBOOST® HYPER GRIP.


  • Keep control of the ball in any condition
  • Boost your palm and control instantly
  • Win more games with ease
  • Dominate on the field with an unbeatable grip

We ensure a careful manufacturing process for each product. The GLOVEBOOST® SUPER WASH glove cleaner & HYPER GRIP enhancer have been extensively tested on goalie gloves, latex, tech materials, palms and surface of gloves. We created our glove care to help modern goalkeepers, who need professional gloves. And with the aim of longer glove life and latex durability. Both products are gentle to skin when rinse or wearing your gloves. And are eco-friendly.

You will get gloves that look and feel like a new pair for your next play or training sessions.

Get the No. 1

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Glove Care Instructions

Glove-boost revolutionary goalkeeper glove care products

Body Weight – Mental Fitness – Goalkeeper Glove Palms

It’s not just about the body and mind when it comes to keeping a clean sheet – your goalkeeper gloves are important, too. That’s why GLOVEBOOST® offers revolutionary products to help you keep your gloves in top condition.

Make sure you’re doing everything you can to give yourself the best chance of success on the pitch! As you know, new gloves and the best craftsmanship are essential for maximum grip.

In addition to different fits of goalkeeper gloves, the latex composition of the glove palm is crucial to its durability and abrasion. To get the max power of the palm of your glove you should care for them properly and carefully.

Washing Goalie Gloves In Warm Water

Clean goalkeeper gloves catch better! Washing goalkeeper gloves is important to do regularly to maintain their quality and moisture.

When washing your gloves in a sink, use warm glove soap water with GLOVEBOOST® SUPER WASH. No pre wash required. Do not use a dish soap. Or put them in the washing machine.

Instead, wash your goalkeeping gloves by hand with your fingers. Wash one glove first, then the other glove. Do not brush them. This damage the gloves, especially the palms.

Rinse the gloves with lukewarm water. Squeeze and remove excess water with light pressure.

Dry Naturally To Prevent Wear And Tear

Hang your goalkeeper gloves on a washing line or place them on a towel to dry naturally. But not in direct sunlight. Never put your gloves in a tumble dryer as this will damage the playing surface over time. The gloves dry needs more time, because of the longer drying process.

Store your gloves in a cool, dark place where they won’t be exposed to direct sunlight. This will make them last longer. And helps prevent wear and tear.

An extra tip: Washing new gloves in warm water, removes foil better from latex palm.

Consult Our Glove Care Guide

Be sure to consult our glove care guide for more tips on how to keep your gloves in tip-top condition. And learn about the GLOVEBOOST® SUPER WASH glove cleaner & GLOVEBOOST® HYPER GRIP enhancer.

“Our credo: Best goalkeeping gloves need best glove care.”

“Get more out of your gloves.”

“Keep a clean sheet!”

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