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Modern Goalkeeper Glove Care

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Don’t let dirt and grime ruin your game. Try GLOVEBOOST® today. And get the perfect combo of Super Wash and HYPER GRIP. To keep your gloves clean and performing at their best!

Just try on your gloves and feel the difference.

Acts as mega booster on moistened glove palms

Grip Enhancer

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Grip Enhancer

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Because clean goalkeeper gloves catch better

Glove Wash

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Glove Wash

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Super-wash for glove-boost


You want to clean your gloves correctly. Not just your training gloves, but also new goalkeeper gloves. As a goalkeeper, you know it is important to have clean gloves before every game!

But sometimes it can be tough to get the dirt and residues off your latex palms without damaging the playing surface. Follow our care instructions for the best way to clean your gloves.

You will find some important care tips below. Learn some tricks to avoid fast wear. Use GLOVEBOOST® SUPER WASH. And get more life of your goalkeeper gloves.

This glove wash with its unique formula is specifically designed for maximum grip. It will remove all dirt particles, residues, and odors from the soft natural surfaces. Latex is a natural soft product so this will restore them entirely. And give natural moisture back to high-quality latex palms.


  • Keeps your GK gloves clean and minimize wear and tear.

  • Remove dirt, residue and sweat from the soft playing surfaces of latex gloves.

  • Be a better goalie knowing you’re wearing the best pair of gloves every game.

  • Feel confident that your gloves will give you the best possible grip.

  • Gives you the certainty to make those crucial saves.

Hyper-grip for goalkeeper glove palm boost

You’re Going To Love This

As a goalkeeper, one of the most important things is to catch the ball well. And with GLOVEBOOST® HYPER GRIP, you can be sure your latex is grippier than ever.

No matter what the weather is like on the field! This gel is instantly absorbed into your moistened catch zones. And provides them a performance edge.

Your latex needs to stay moist to work well. One way to do this is by using a wet towel, keeping a bottle of water near the goal, or spitting on it before you catch the ball.

This will help you stay in control in wet or dry conditions.


  • Keeps latex grippy in any weather conditions.

  • Helps you stay in control.

  • You’re a badass goalkeeper who never lets the weather stop you from playing your best.


GLOVEBOOST® SUPER WASH and HYPER GRIP enhancer have been extensively tested on GK gloves. We create our products to help modern-day keepers, who need professional-grade equipment for their playing sessions. With the aim of longer latex life spans as well!

These eco-friendly products will bring your old pair back into shape like new ones again. You will get gloves that look and feel like a new pair for your next play or training sessions.

No more stress. Get the No. 1

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Glove-boost revolutionary goalkeeper glove care products

Body Weight – Mental Fitness – Goalkeeper Glove Palms

Goalkeeping is a tough job. You need to be quick on your feet and have strong hands and arms that can react quickly when needed most of all. This means taking care of yourself while doing so!

To keep a clean sheet, you need top-quality equipment too. Goalkeeper gloves are important no matter what the weather is like on the field!

Goalkeeper gloves featuring different glove cuts. Such as flat, roll-finger, and negative cuts. Negatively cut palm wears out faster on the fingertips and thumb due to the construction. The seams are inside. And the latex edges on the fingers are exposed.

The latex on the palm of your gloves is important for how long they last and how well they protect your hands. This depends on what type of surface you are playing on.

The grass is softer than an artificial surface like an astro turf field. So the latex wears off more quickly on a synthetic surface.

GLOVEBOOST® offers modern products to help keep the natural feel of your gk gloves. As you can see, many factors determine your goalkeeping success.

PRO Tip: You should have two pairs of high-quality goalkeeper gloves. This will give you enough time to care for them and make sure you have maximum grip.

Washing Goalie Gloves In Warm Water

Clean gloves catch better! Washing goalkeeper gloves is important to maintain their quality and moisture. Soak them after every game to minimise wear.

To clean your goalkeeper gloves, you should wash them in lukewarm water with glove soap. DO NOT use dish soap.

Never put your gloves in the washing machine. Wash them by hand. Until they are nice and clean again. Just gently remove any clumps of dirt.

First, wash one glove and then the other glove. DO NOT brush them because this will damage the gloves, especially the palms. And latex starts to break.

Rinse your gloves under lukewarm running water. Squeeze out the excess water with light pressure.

PRO Tip: Pre-wash is not necessary here. GLOVEBOOST ® SUPER WASH makes it possible.

Dry Naturally To Prevent Wear And Tear

Hang your goalkeeper gloves on a washing line. Or place them on a towel to air dry naturally. But not in direct sunlight. Never dry your gloves in a tumble dryer or use a hair dryer.

As this will damage the soft natural product on fingers and palms. Let them completely dry naturally.

Store your gloves in a cool environment on an airy cupboard. Where they won’t be exposed to direct sunlight. And this will make them last longer.

In non game situations store your gloves in a glove wallet.

PRO Tip: Washing new gloves in warm water, removes foil better from latex palm.

Consult Our Glove Care Guide

Be sure to consult our care guide for more tips on how to keep your gloves in tip-top condition. And learn about the GLOVEBOOST® SUPER WASH glove cleaner & GLOVEBOOST® HYPER GRIP enhancer.

“Our credo: Best goalkeeping gloves need best glove care.”

“Get more out of your gloves.”

“Keep a clean sheet!”

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